Monday, May 26, 2014

6 Tips: How To Be a Performer for a Living from Veronica Varlow

                                                                    Veronica Varlow [credit: Marion Mossing]

Burlesque performer Veronica Varlow has put up a wonderful post entitled...

6 Real Life Tips: How To Be a Performer for a Living

Good advice for solo performers. Especially number 6. Check it out HERE.


  1. Stars don’t think of networking as something to do once a day at 3pm. For stars, it’s a constant. Nothing is a complete waste of time because you can always meet someone, talk to someone, or help someone. That last piece is important stars know that networking is as much giving as taking. Your tips is really good.


  2. It’s too much difficult to perform live in the front of thousands of people. Your tips are helping but if anyone first time perfume live then he must confuse and these tips are not helping him.