Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Photos for Marketing

Bremner Duthie in '33, a Kabaret [credit: Alexander Howe]

Solo performers almost always have to do their own marketing (or the brunt of it). Good photos are a big part of it, be it headshots, publicity pics or performance photos. It can be confusing how to format these photos. Here's some quick advice...

  • Have more than one photo! Seriously.
  • Have a horizontal photo and a vertical photo.
  • A graphic (like a poster) is great, but most press can not use it. They want photos of the performer, preferrably, you know, performing.
  • Attribute your photo correctly. Give credit where credit is due.
  • The photo should be well-lit and interesting (i.e. not you just standing there. It should imply moment). 
  • in the title of the pic, put your name and phot attribution. (for instance, the photo of Bremner above is titled: "Bremner Duthie in '33 A Kabaret  - credit Alexander Howe")
  • And it should be hi-res (short for high resolution). How high? Here's a handy chart.

(click on chart to see it bigger)